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Rehabilitation of the Hill

Feature Film 

Rehabilitation of the Hill is a timely film that goes deep into one of our nation's once vibrant, historically Black communities, now often seen as a place of crime, poverty, blight and cheap real estate. An act of police violence ignites the story as our characters again find themselves wrestling with how to elevate their community and knowing who to trust.  Sparked by the passions of two young women in a story reminiscent to You've Got Mail, their friction is perhaps the key to both save and rehabilitate one of the nation's greatest Black communities. 

Rehabilitation of the Hill was declared, "A study in craft, inspiration," by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and won Best Feature at the Jacksonville Film Festival.​

Rehabilitation of the Hill - Official Trailer 01
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Directed by Demetrius Wren 
Produced by the University of Pittsburgh, Steeltown Entertainment and

Two Kids with a Camera

Starring Harry Lennix (The Blacklist, The Matrix Reloaded), Christina Wren (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman), Joshua Elijah Reese (How to Get Away with Murder, Shameless), and introducing Kelsey Packwood

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